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Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Promotional Travel Accessories

Travel today is just as fun as always, and travelers today need to take with them just as much in the way of accessories. Flying by air now requires having small travel size accessories, not only to save on luggage and weight limits, but to get through security measures. That is one reason why using Promotional Travel Accessories at your sale or event can draw in big crowds. Offering a free travel gift works wonders; the area of travel accessories for promotional use is growing. In addition to their use specifically for during holiday adventures, many travel accessories find their way to the office desk or other public places where others can view not only the travel accessory but your company name that was imprinted upon those accessories.

Custom printed travel accessories include a full range of possibilities. Here are just a few choices that could affordably be used well for a travel promotion theme:

  • Miniature radios
  • Alarm clocks
  • Wristwatches
  • Wristband radios
  • Memo pad with pen set
  • Wallets
  • Travel sample soap set
  • Lighted keychain
  • Small bags
  • Cosmetic or toiletry kits
  • Travel guides
  • Luggage tags

Smaller items are great to use for large promotional events, like conventions, sports events, games, meetings or trade shows. Some of the larger kits and items like radios, calculators or bags make nice executive gifts or business gifts for clients. Use any of the items internally for employee incentive contests, awards and to give to new clients during a sales presentation.

The important part of any travel accessories used for promotional purposes is their ability to bear your brand or imprinted name. Consider from your first thought about using travel accessories for promotional use exactly what you want to accomplish. Do you want to impress a big client with a large piece of luggage or travel bag? Do you need to supply your sales representatives with thousands of smaller items like luggage tags to pass out at a large show or convention?

Next, decide what to imprint upon the travel accessory. There are many things you can add via imprinting or engraving. The item can become a small business card with all your business contact information imprinted on it. It can become a miniature billboard for a new product you have developed, showing a larger image of that product or the name of the product. The purpose and intended use of the item selected within your advertising campaign will help you select both the item and the imprint message.

Use Promotional Travel Accessories liberally at repeated times for the best results. There are people just waiting to see you offer the same item again!