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There is little wonder why these ball point pens are one of the UK's top selling lines with their attractive appearance and super low price ...

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25 Piece Tyre Shaped Tool Kits

This high performance tool kit feeatures a multitude of items all of which are house in a unique tyre shaped case ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £7.01
Memphis LED torches

Use these compact torches to promote a safety campaign with each torch featuring 9 super bright LED lights ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £2.72
Chicago 16 in 1 Flashlight Laser Multi Tools

These 16-in-one multi-function tools feature a massive range of tools including knife, bottle opener, screwdriver bits, LED torch and much more ...

Min Qty : 25
From : £8.47
Spidey 8-In-1 Screwdriver With Torch

Manufactured to exacting tolerances these screwdriver kits are ideal for around the house or office and feature a built in LED light ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £4.45
Denver 9 Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Kits

A compact range which feature 4 slotted bits (3.4, 5.6 mm) and 4 Philips bits (PH 0, 1, 2, 3) packed in a presentation gift box ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £3.59
Havanah 4 Function Screwdriver Sets

A fantastic, value for money range which feature a compartment containing 2 size of flathead and 2 size of Philips head bits ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £0.78
Bullet 7 Function Screwdriver Sets

A high quality range of pen shaped screwdrivers featuring a clip for easy storage, a light at the bottom and 3 different screws ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £2.34
Retford Carabiner Screwdriver Kits

Manufactured with a robust ABS outer casing, these handy screwdriver kits feature three double sided bits ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £2.26
Vortex Handy Tool Kits

Featuring four screw driver attachments contained within a robust plastic outer casing and imprinted in vivid full process colour ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.76
Workmate Screwdrivers

These handy sized, compact screwdriver sets feature an integrated level and LED light for added practicality ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £1.22
Ventura Triangular  Tool Kits

A compact range of 3-in-1 toll kits which feature a tape measure and four different screw driver attachments which makes them a superb handy giveaway ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.91
Colt 7 Function Screwdriver Light Pens

A striking range of highly practical multi-funtion tools which will Illuminate your workspace, take notes and tighten bolts for you. ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £1.63
Tool Kits & Sets

Promotional Tool Kits & Sets

If you have a promotional event upcoming and want to attract men to your event or sale, try giving away Promotional Tool Kits & Sets as a method for bringing in male traffic to your event. Women like these useful gifts just as much!

Promotional tool kits & sets can be as small as pocket screwdriver kits and multi-purpose miniature tool kits to full size carry kits with an array of tools. The 28 piece emergency car tool kits make excellent executive gifts, employee incentive gifts or bonus gifts for special customers. The kits include all that might be needed in a car repair emergency situation, such as pliers, fuses, tire gauge, screwdrivers, jump leads, and more.

Miniature tool kits are always a good gift that people want. They can include small sewing kits with needles and thread, or mini tools like a small screwdriver kit with multiple heads. Some are housed in their own tool boxes, while others are self contained like the screwdriver with multiple heads that fit in the screw off cap.

There are many types of Promotional Tool Kits & Sets that are designed for use in free gift promotions. They are priced to be affordable, even in large quantities, without breaking the budget. Some feature a flashlight accessory or calculator as part of the kit. Mechanic's helper tool kits include a 10 piece selection of pocket tools, always handy for the aspiring fix-it man or woman.

Using promotional tool kits & sets for building traffic at events works best if you include mention of the gift items in your sale or event advertising. Use a photograph if possible, to draw even more interest. Have a sufficient quantity available for the crowds that will gather prior to opening hours. Never be caught short and have to send away a disappointed shopper.

Another good way to incorporate the more expensive tool kits & sets is to tie the gift to a purchase during the sale. Sometimes a little incentive is all that is required to boost a decision into the sales column. Use gifts to increase a sale also. Offer a free gift if the customer purchases one more item than they have already decided to purchase. There are many ways to increase sales by using offers of promotional items in addition to a straight out gift.

Giveaway tool kits & sets are a good choice when you want to offer something that is really different than ordinary free gifts like hats or pens. Small kits are very affordable; larger kits can be used for client gifts or in conjunction with larger purchases. Advertise and marketing go hand in hand with promotional tool kits and tool sets!