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There is little wonder why these ball point pens are one of the UK's top selling lines with their attractive appearance and super low price ...

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Amazon Recycled  Paper Pencils

These lead pencils are manufactured from 100% recycled paper with a painted finish, silver ferrule and white eraser ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.12
Recycled Paper Pencils

A unique range of promotional pencils which are manufactured from 70% post consumer paper and 30% other forms of recycled paper ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.12
Recycled Mechanical Pencils

Constructed in 100% recycled plastic and available in white or black these mechanical pencils are great value ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.16
Recycled Plastic Pencils

These cracking lead pencils are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and are available in a multitude of colour options ...

Min Qty : 500
From : £0.10
FSC Wooden Pencils

These FSC certified wooden pencils are manufactured in an exciting range of colour options and feature a silver ferrule and pink eraser ...

Min Qty : 2000
From : £0.09
Recycled Lunch Tray Pencils

These unique pencils are manufactured utilising recycled lunchtrays and are available at a great low cost ...

Min Qty : 500
From : £0.18
Recycled Denim Pencils

A unique range of eco-friendly pencils which are manufactured utilising 30% reclaimed denim and 60% recycled plastics ...

Min Qty : 500
From : £0.18
Carpenter Pencils

manufactured from FSC certified wood in a variety of colours to compliment your logo, making them ideal for any eco-friendly related promotion ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.29
Darwin Coloured Pencil Sets

This fun set consists of 12 coloured pencils with a natural wood finish all supplied in their own cylindrical cardboard case ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.74
Crystal Tipped Pencils

A striking range which are manufactured from sustainable certified timber and feature Swarovski tips in a choice of colours ...

Min Qty : 288
From : £0.79
Eco Pencils

Promotional Recycled Pencils Are One Of The Hottest Office Advertising Products Today

Promotional recycled pencils are new feeling pencils that have been made from professionally processed recycled materials. These trendy writing instruments can have barrels that are made from recycled woods, papers, plastics, cloth, or other substances that are fully described in each recycled pencil product description. The eco-friendly pencils are always eye-catching items that work well for advertising projects.

Right now, every type of industry is attempting to align their names with eco-friendly and green lifestyle products. In America, there are many media advertising campaigns that are directed at the public are acting to make the recycling topics forefront in everybody's thoughts. When your company chooses to brand an order or Recycled Promotional Pencils to distribute to the public, you are aligning your industry with these popular themes.

Consumers are always curious about new techniques, products, and services. When members of the public are handed a high-quality recycled pencil, they will be anxious to share this new item technology with their friends, family, and coworkers. As these eco-friendly pencils are passed from hand-to-hand, the advertising text and emblazoned logo is noticed and remembered as a company who is up-to-date on current trends and technologies.

Custom printed pencils are items that can be used by every age level. Advertising that is aimed at family products, activities, or services will often do very well as a pencil advertisement. As an example, when a child takes an advertising pencil to school that taunts them with an enjoyable pizza ad all day, chances are that the child will request that the family go have a pizza dinner at the advertised restaurant.

Businesses of all sizes can afford to advertise on the high-quality recycled materials pencils. Promotional pencils are sold in lots that are designed to accommodate all sizes of distribution needs. The promotional recycled pencils make great giveaway items for trade shows, booth sales, political events, and healthcare activities. Some firms donate their pencils to schools, clubs, and shelters to go along with their normal employee or customer giveaway campaigns. Donations often result in good publicity and tax credits.