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A3 Recycled Desk Pads

These top selling eco friendly promotional giveaways provide for a massive advertising area for your company or organisation ...

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A2 Recycled Desk Pads

Maximise your brand impact around the office with these super sized A2 deskpads which are sure to get your message noticed ...

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Eco Desk Pads

Promotional Recycled Desk Pads Increase Brand Visibility And Extend Marketing Reach

Recycled promotional note pads can be used to leave a double impression. Your company imprint is one, and that your company cares enough to go a step beyond and acquire a recycled product is another. Besides being eco-friendly to the environment, using recycled paper products benefits everyone.

Tree huggers would even say the trees benefit, if it is possible to set a human attribute to a tree. It is important to use recycled paper products to reduce the extensive over harvesting of trees around the world. Trees are essential for providing oxygen to our planet; enough said.

Recycled promotional note pads often have the word "recycled" imprinted or embedded on the paper somewhere. This is a good thing because it makes your efforts at being environmentally friendly obvious. The other obvious thing you want on recycled note pads is your branding for your company or product.

Another recycled product your printer may offer are eco-friendly soy inks. Put these all together while you save money on inexpensive recycled promotional note pads. Adding your imprint to the paper keeps your company name, logo or message fresh on each page as the pads are used.

Saving money is another reason to select recycled imprinted products like note pads. They are available for pennies per pad, as low as 22 cents each in a quantity of 20,000 4x5 inch pads with 25 sheets per pad. Even at the 1000 mark quantity, those high logo visibility recycled note pads are just 33 cents apiece. If there is a large event, use these to get your name in front of thousands of people at minimum cost per person.

You can print whatever you want on the note pads, and put your company logo at the top, bottom, side or blended into the background with a coverall imprint. There will still be plenty of usable space for note taking by recipients, who will probably grab more than one at a time, if they can.

Popular note pads sizes are 3x5, 4x5, 5x8 and 8x10 inch. There are other variations available and if you place a custom order, the pads could be die cut into custom shapes. Use colorful imprints to dress up the paper pads. Most recycled promotional note pads are available in minimum quantities of 500 or 1000.

Passing out these handy custom imprinted note pads is a great way to get your company name out to tens of thousands of people at low cost per person. Everyone can use a handy note pad, and someone is always looking for one!