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Plastic Carrier Bags

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Coloured Plastic  Carrier Bags

Durable coloured plastic carrier bags are one of the most popular vehicles around for promoting your business or organisation ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.13
Rope Handled Plastic Carrier Bags

These quality plastic bags are constructed from 100 micron heavy duty polythene and feature a clip-close bar and one piece rope handles ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.63
White Plastic Carrier Bags

These biodegradable bags still remain one of the most popular ever giveaways at tradeshows and conferences ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.11
Flexi-Loop Plastic  Carrier Bags

A quality range of white plastic carrier bags with hard wearing handles and with the option to print on both sides you can double your exposure ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.12
Plastic Duffel Carrier Bags

These trendy plastic duffel carrier bags are great to hand out at tradeshows, exhibitions or product launches ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.37
Plastic Carrier Bags

Consider Using Promotional Plastic Carrier Bags

Many times in boutiques and hair salons customers buy items that are not big enough for conventional bulky plastic bags. Also, many times those plastic bags are not chic enough to be used when buying high end items from such stores. Yet, your customers still need a way to carry their purchases with them for the rest of their shopping trip or to the house. A wonderful solution for this dilemma is by supplying your customers with Promotional Plastic Carrier Bags. These bags are more stream-lined than the regular plastic bag, giving them a better appearance; one that is fit to carry their purchases from your store.

An added bonus to this approach is that the bags also increase your advertising. When your customer walks through the market place or shows off the item they just purchased, their friends will know immediately where they got the hot new item. With Promotional Plastic Carrier Bags you can put your name or logo on it, as well as adding a fancy design. By customising the branded plastic carrier bags you, make them as original as the goods you sell.

Most people reuse their custom printed plastic bags in an effort to help the environment. When they reuse your promo plastic carrier bag, not only will they be doing this, but they will also be increasing the scope of your advertising. They may use it to take things to school, work or the fitness centre. In each case, they are taking your company's name or logo into places you may otherwise not reach. By helping them look good, they are helping you reach a new market audience. Printed plastic carrier bags are just one easy way that you can assist your clients, while they assist you.