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There is little wonder why these ball point pens are one of the UK's top selling lines with their attractive appearance and super low price ...

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Lipstick Pens

A unique range of pens which are manufactured in the style of a lipstick making them the perfect giveaway for beauty salons ...

Min Qty : 500
From : £0.33
Flower Pens

A stunning, cheery range of novelty pens manufactured in the shape of a flower and featuring a wooden barrel and blue ink ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.59
Syringe  Pens

These unique pens are manufactured in the shape of a syringe and feature red or pale blue coloured liquid ...

Min Qty : 1000
From : £0.23
Ronaldo Anti-Stress Football Pens

Ideal for any football related promotion featuring an integrated anti-stress football in a choice of colours ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.46
Vegas Light Up Pens

Emblazoned with your logo these striking light up pens are sure to put your branding in the spot light! ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.79
Robo Stylus Pen Screen Cleaners

A unique range of stylus ballpoint pens which feature a removable cap and integrated razor shaped foldable screen wiper ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £0.95
Flashing Light Pens

With these novel plastic ballpens you will certainly be able to grab your target audiences attention with each pen featuring a flashing light on the top ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.69
Kite Super Slim Pens

A stunning range, printed in full process colour which double up equally to serve as a bookmark and make for an ideal choice for small and large mailings alike ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.37
Bendy Dude Pens

A fantastic new product that is sure to bring some fun to your next promotional activity which features a bendy barrel and arms ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.89
Classic Banner Pens

These classic banner pens feature an exceptional branding area to both sides for your corporate message and details ...

Min Qty : 500
From : £0.36
Chicago LED Pens

A unique range of plastic ball pens which feature an integrated LED light and matching coloured cord ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.63
Feather Pens

A fun range of unique novelty pens manufactured with a choice of coloured feathers which are sure to grab attention ...

Min Qty : 288
From : £0.37
Geneva Foldable Keychain Pen Lights

Featuring black ink along with a single LED light which is housed in a car key shaped metallic effect case along with attached keychain ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £1.04
Flashing Heart Pens

Show some love with these unique flashing heart shaped pens which feature a translucent coloured barrel and flashing tops ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £0.73
Novelty Pens

Promotional Novelty Pens: A Fun Branding Option

Promotional giveaways are a common and highly effective way to advertise to the public at fairs, trade shows, business meetings and presentations. Simple giveaways like promotional pencils and pens, imprinted hats, promo mugs and many other items encourage potential customers to find out more about specific products, businesses and organizations. Some companies choose to use more customized giveaways like Promotional Novelty Pens.

Promotional novelty pens can be used to send different messages that range from the humorous to the truly eclectic. For instance, promo novelty pens can be made to represent many different objects like fruit, rocket ships and trees. They can be made to represent people as well. Other novelty options include compasses, flashlights and lanyards fusing form and function.

Some business professionals travel from fair to fair or from one expo to another. Many of those professionals travel in motor homes and have a need to travel lightly, increasing the need for smaller incentives as opposed to bulky promo caps or t-shirts. Promotional Novelty Pens are small and can easily be ordered in bulk and carried across the country. Not only that, but because they are well designed, unconventional and useful potential clients are much more likely to keep them.

Pots and pans, clothing, jewelry, kitchen gadgets and other items are sold at fairs and other big events by travelling salesmen. Each small business located in such a large setting needs something to attract attention. Promotional novelty pens are eclectic, they are easy to transport and they are unusual enough to gain attention, making them a perfect promotional tool for any business. Whether your business is just starting out or is looking for a way to expand your current marketing efforts, branded novelty pens are a fun, effective way to increase brand awareness.