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There is little wonder why these ball point pens are one of the UK's top selling lines with their attractive appearance and super low price ...

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Solitaire Maglites

When quality is paramount look no further than a Solitaire Maglite for the ultimate in high performance and precision engineering ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £6.21
Mini Maglites AAA

Let these precision engineered flashlights shed some light onto your next marketing campaign ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £8.73
Mini Maglites AA

Put a spot light on your latest advertising campaign with these highly dependable precision engineered torches ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £10.24
Mini LED  Maglites AA

Maglite just got even better with these new LED versions which feature intense bright white lights and added features ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £16.87
2D Cell Maglites

A stunning range of high quality promotional maglites which are manufactured to the most stringent of tolerances ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £17.08
3D Cell Maglites

These iconic maglites are the perfect corporate giveaway for your most valued customers ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £26.60
4D Cell Maglites

These super sized Maglites will never let you down and will go on promoting your brand for many years to come ...

Min Qty : 25
From : £27.99
2D LED Cell Maglites

Your logo will never get missed on these fantastic Maglite torches which feature an amazing hi-tec ultra bright white LED light ...

Min Qty : 25
From : £23.18
3D LED Cell Maglites

Precision engineered to a standard that others marvel at and laser engraved with your logo make these the perfect practical corporate gift ...

Min Qty : 25
From : £36.40
Maglite Solitaire & Victorinox Classic SD Set

These high quality gift sets represent the perfect combination in terms of form and function ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £13.69
Maglite Solitaire & Victorinox  SwissCard Set

A stunning promotional gift set brought to you by two of the most famous names in delivering high quality outdoor gear ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £17.90
Mini Maglite AA & Victorinox Classic SD Set

Gift these high quality sets to your customers or employees and your name will be in their minds for years to come ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £17.47

Promotional Maglites Emblazoned With Your Logo Make Great Company Gear or Consumer Gifts

Promotional Maglites and high-powered flashlight sets make great company gifts when they are printed with your business name, branding, or logo. Printed metal Maglites and laser engraved flashlights are meaningful gifts that will last for a very long time. When these flashlights wear a company name, this name is seen and read by many different types of people throughout the years that these flashlights are in use.

Many different kinds of industries use monogrammed Maglites as a part of their company equipment. Mines, car lots, and every industry with trucks or cars involved can keep a company Maglite set in these vehicles for their employees to use during emergencies. If one of these sturdy flashlight sets accidentally goes home with an employee, the branded name on the high-powered flashlight set continues to advertise for the company.

The promotional metal Maglite flashlights come in a large range of sizes. This style of flashlight normally runs on AA, C, or D sized batteries. Advertising Maglites are alone or in helpful sets that include a battery charging unit that will allow the lights to be working whenever they are needed. There are online stores that sell printed or laser engraved Maglites at very reasonable prices to groups or industries that need a multiple-piece order. Stores like carry a complete line of these items.

Another popular use for the custom printed Maglites and heavy-duty flashlight sets is in private home emergency kits. Every home should have more than one high-quality flashlight available for use during an emergency. For advertisers, this leaves the doors wide-open to all types of industries who would like to advertise on a flashlight kit. Flashlights and Maglites that are printed or laser engraved with ads can be handed out to targeted public groups to advertise your important logo, message, or theme.