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Durham Glass Photo Mugs

Make a massive impact with your next marketing campaign with these stunning glass photo mugs ...

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Colour Coat  Glass Mugs

Reinforce your brand with our exciting new range of vibrant Pantone matched glass coffee mugs ...

Min Qty : 288
From : £3.70
Glass Mugs

Stylish, Elegant Promotional Glass Mugs

Glass is a timeless form for creating beautiful gifts. Whether the giver chooses glass goblets, frames, oil lamps, bottles or roses, gifts that are made of glass and etched with personal messages are classy and thoughtful. Glass represents strength, elegance and beauty. It is flawless when blown and shaped correctly, exuding a modern and sophisticated edge. Because glass works are widely sought after and loved, many companies now use creations made of glass to advertise their businesses and products. Promotional Glass Mugs are one perfect example of a higher-end giveaway that companies can use at corporate events, business meetings and parties.

Promotional glass mugs are modern and are a great way to increase brand recognition. They can be etched with logos and pictures, and come in a variety of shapes, colors, thicknesses and sizes. Promo glass mugs come in a plethora of options to meet the needs of any company, whether it is a start up or a huge corporation. An eclectic business may choose a sassy promo glass mug shaped like a football or a boot; whereas, a more traditional business may want an etched cafe, brandy or beer glass. However it may be shaped, the branding message will still be strong and will be represented elegantly.

Promotional glass mugs will also last a long time, guaranteeing brand visibility for the life of the mug. Clients, potential clients and employees will appreciate the craftsmanship, skill and time that go into making a beautiful promotional glass mug. Custom glass mugs are certainly not your typical giveaways, and are a great way for a company to show that they are solid, strong and of good quality.