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Enamel & Steel Badges

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15mm Soft Enamel Badges

These soft enamel badges are the perfect affordable solution to your everyday badge requirements ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.23
20mm Soft Enamel Badges

These popular die struck/stamped metal badges are highly popular with schools, clubs, charities and associations ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.26
25mm Soft Enamel Badges

These superb promotional badges are ideal as corporate giveaways or charity use and will promote your brand for many months ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.28
30mm Soft Enamel Badges

Your logo will look absolutely fantastic on these high quality enamelled metal badges ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.32
15mm Hard Enamel Badges

These hard wearing, hand crafted enamel metal badges are the perfect solution for when only the best will do for your promotion ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.54
20mm Hard Enamel Badges

Hand crafted to your specific design these quality metal badges are extremely popular corporate giveaways ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.57
25mm Hard Enamel Badges

Imprinted with your logo in up to 4 spot enamel colours these badges are extremely good value for money ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.65
30mm Hard Enamel Badges

With a hard wearing finish to the hand crafted badges you can be assured your message will stand the test of time ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.71
15mm Steel Badges

These hard wearing, 1mm thick steel badges are stamped with your design then enamel colour filled in up to four spot colours ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.22
20mm Steel Badges

These steel badges represent a great low cost way in which to get your logo and message noticed ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.25
25mm Steel Badges

Give your latest advertising campaign added longevity with these custom imprinted steel badges ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.27
30mm Steel Badges

These larger sized steel badges will ensure that your message and logo certainly doesn't get missed amongst the crowd ...

Min Qty : 300
From : £0.31
Enamel & Steel Badges

Promotional Enamel & Steel Badges Can Display Business Advertisements For Literally Decades

The promotional enamel and steel badges can display business logos or advertising messages for decades. Early enameling processes were used in Egypt to create the burial mask for Tutankhamen; enameling lasts for a very long time. Our modern enameling processes fuse colorful glass powders to metal for brilliantly colored works of art that will not fade over time.

Promotional enamel badges and promotional steel badges can be made into any shape or theme. It is possible to purchase firemen badges, fraternity badges, or industry badges that are customized to be unique in appearance. Badges come in sizes that can pin to a cap and larger sizes that are worn on shirts, jackets, or backpacks. Some advertisers choose to commission a pin order that allows them to place one enamel or steel badge onto each item that they sell.

Other uses for these long-life advertising items include company ID badges, gated community pass badges, and their use within the tourist trade industries. Metal badges of all types are purchased for use in restaurants, hotels, and stores that need to identify their workers to the public. When the custom printed enamel and steel badges are chosen over the other types of ID pins available for workers, the company only buys them once to last for many years. This type of one-time purchase saves the hosting establishment money.

The enamel and steel badges are normally purchased online in volume-sized orders. Businesses will purchase their sturdy long-life badges in order sizes that plan for their future needs. Then, as the metal badges are lost as employees come and go, there are always replacement badges available for the new employees in storage. Promotional item stores reduce the cost of items based upon the amount of items that are included in the order. Businesses can save money through the use of the long-life promotional enamel badges or promotional steel badges, and through ordering their badges in larger-sized lots.