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Aztec CD Holders

Manufactured in durable metal these holders are highly stylish and disctinctive with a storage capacity for 12 CD's ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £1.27
Wheel CD Holders

A unique and highly novel range of holders which are manufactured in durable plastic in the shape of wheel ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £1.77
Chester CD Holders

Stylish CD holders manufactured from a combination of PU and polyester with a capacity for 12 CD's ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £1.20
CD Holders

Your Prospects Will Love Handy Promotional CD Holders

As we know, a CD (compact disc) can store data and music and we can access/replay the data or music on our computer system. We can also replay the music using our audio system at home or in our car. As almost everyone likes music, almost every car is equipped with an audio system and many people use computers at home or at work, CDs are in general use now. Promotional CD Holders are quite handy to store or carry CDs, DVDs (digital video discs) or even other things on a picnic, for camping or a training session.

People for sure will appreciate being given branded CD holders for free because they are useful. They will also be welcome as gifts at conventions and trade fairs. In short, CD holders have many practical uses in our lives and branded CD holders are effective tools to build brand awareness, because the promoting company’s name, logo and business message imprinted on these publicity items are highly visible to many people.

Besides popularity and exposure of the promoting company's name, printed CD holders also offer the advantage of long-term advertising, since CD holders are durable. CD cases come in various colors, shapes and designs, so that the promoting company will be at ease in choosing the right types for their different target markets. Another winning feature of these CD holders is their prices, which are affordable even for use in mass campaigns to gain quicker results.

Considering all the wonderful advantages, custom printed Promotional CD Holders can be the right option to use to introduce a new business to the public, create a buzz in the marketplace, reach out to new and customers on a large scale or sustain a company's presence.