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There is little wonder why these ball point pens are one of the UK's top selling lines with their attractive appearance and super low price ...

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ColourBrite Calculators

A stunning range of eye-catching, versatile calculators which can be printed to the whole upper surface in vivid full process colour print ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £3.45
Magic Easy Grip Calculators

These innovative calculators feature a unique flip lid opening mechanism with rubber side grips for added comfort during use ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £1.26
Spectrum Calculator Rulers

These colourful 20cm plastic rulers feature an integrated digital calculator making them the perfect combination of form and function ...

Min Qty : 250
From : £1.59
Arctic 10 Digit Desk Calculators

These stylish looking calculators and manufactured with a crisp white finish and feature a large 10 digit display for these larger calculations ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £4.68
Astro Desk Calculators

Featuring an angled display for ease of use, dual power function, an 8 digit display and currency converter ...

Min Qty : 100
From : £3.12
Reflex Calculator Notebooks

These high quality combination calculator notebooks represent the perfect combination of form and function ...

Min Qty : 50
From : £2.85

Promotional Calculators Score Big for Business

Promotional Calculators score big results for businesses that tie these handy accessories into a sale or event. They are particularly good marketing tools for businesses in any realm of the financial world. Banks, credit unions and insurance agencies are using business gift calculators to keep their company names in plain sight on work desks everywhere. Schools and stores that sell school supplies offer branded calculators to students and parents for several reasons, including team spirit building.

How many times has this question been asked in and around the office: "Where’s my calculator?" People like getting a free calculator because they always have use for one somewhere at home or at work and often have more than one. These are great items to give out free in conjunction with another purchase to boost sales. Use them as a gift of appreciation for valued customer business.

Any type of realtor, insurance agent or mortgage lender can use imprinted calculators as advertising gifts to their customers. Keeping one's name, or a company name, out in front of a potential buyer is very helpful to making a sale that might be a bit off in the future. All imprinted items are quite durable, and mini-calculators join that group for durability. Solar calculators do not even need batteries! Meanwhile, all the time a person is using the free calculator that your company gave to them, they are viewing your advertising message that is plainly imprinted on the item.

There are thousands of gifts that can be personalised. Calculators are useful, popular and in demand. They can score big results for your business at your next convention, meeting or sales event. Let the public know that you are giving out a free calculator and be sure that you have plenty on hand for the increase in traffic at that event or meeting.

Most advertising calculators are available at the affordable prices of between £2 and £4 each, per 100 quantity. They come in many shapes, colors and styles, including business card calculators. Tie in your giveaway with a high ticket item purchase and watch sales go up. Promotional Calculators can also be used as an after-the-sale thank you gift to help keep your customer interested in your business.

The main purpose of all advertising specialty items is promotion. That all important imprint is the key reason why a business would use these gifts. Certainly, gifts can be given without advertising messages and still qualify as business gifts. On the other hand, why miss a fabulous opportunity to spread the word about your company wherever that gift goes?