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Friday, January 06, 2012

So many people know about promotional product advertising but they very simply don't really know how to implement it in their business. As a manager or owner it is important that you not only understand the resources that you have available to you but that you also know how to use them to the best of your ability. One way to really create a stir with your business advertising it to not only offer your customers great looking promotional items that help to advertise for your company but to also reward your customers for using these advertisements.

go-green Promotional tee shirts can provide you with an excellent example. For instance you hand them out to your customers or even allow them to purchase them for a nominal fee. Doing so allows you to distribute these shirts and then all you need to do is create a particular day and time that if customers are wearing their tee shirt that they can get a discount or free item or allow your customers to wear that shirt in any time for a deal. This will not only help to boost your advertising but your sales as well.

If tee shirts are not your speed and you are running a retail shop then you will likely find that promotional shopping bags fit the bill. These items are incredible because they can spread your message all over town and also provide your customer with a great way to carry more along with them. Good quality promotional shopping bags or reusable cloth bags are also good to encourage your customers to carry around with them. They advertise and provide a practical and inexpensive way for your customers to check out more quickly. Offering even a slight discount to your customers for continuing to carry these bags back into your shop time after time means they will likely start to carry them around more often which is an excellent way to advertise for your business.

No matter what the promotional item try to come up with ways to encourage your customers to get caught with it on them. Providing your customers with incentives can help you to really get the most out of these incredible advertising items.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Many people think that promotional products are those items that are specifically designed for small business advertising. Instead these items are those that also work really well for getting people to give more.

You have probably noticed just this phenomena on the local public broadcasting station. On these channels they are constantly having drives in an attempt to raise enough money to keep public television going. As a way of trying to bring in more money for their cause, they get items donated to them and then they offer them as tiered gift items for those who pledge to donate a certain amount of money.

heat-change-mug Using incentive gifts is one way to really give your charitable donations a boost. You can do so with items that are donated by a particular company or you can even purchase nice looking logo imprinted items to give away to others as well. Choosing logo imprinted items sometimes works even better because these items not only offer an incentive to get the donations higher but they also serve to remind the community about your charity and the need for them to make contributions.

Of course, many charities use promotional items in a variety of different ways and you might be surprised to learn that some companies actually send promotional items along with a request for donations to help improve and increase the number of responses they get to their requests. This method works more on guilt then anything else because the individuals already have the item in their possession and therefore they feel as if they owe the organization a donation if they want to keep that item, and let's face it no one is going to mail that item back to the company so instead they mail in a donation for what they feel that item is worth. Fortunately most charities get a significant discount on these already inexpensively priced items leaving them with a quite a profit drawn from this form of donation seeking.

Ultimately, promotional products are not just for business advertising, they also can really help boost charitable donations for cancer awareness organizations, community organizations, and even local PTO's. When you are looking for a way to boost the funds that you are getting look up a promotional products company online and you will find some inexpensive items that you can use to bring in more money for your charity and raise awareness about your organization.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Insurance agencies love promotional materials and use them very often throughout their business structure. So many use traditional items such as promotional pens, pads, magnets, that they tend to offer up to just about anyone that they come in contact with throughout the course of a normal day, both inside and outside of the office setting.

pill-case Those who actually come to see an insurance agent, fill out the application, or actually become clients will usually get not only some of the standard giveaway items but will also usually get an even nicer promotional item as a thank you gift for your business. Some of the items that might be used in this scenario are coffee mugs, tee shirts, or even hats.

Once you are actually approved for insurance through a particular agency they will probably provide you with a promotional calendar and this will serve not only to remind you to refer others into their company but will also serve as a reminder to pay your premiums. Even though an item like this might be a little more costly it will usually be of benefit for the insurance agent to spend a little on you since you are now also bringing them an extra income.

Depending on the type of insurance you have purchased you may find that you receive an item that pertains to your personal needs. For instance you may find that if you purchase an automobile policy that you receive a promotional key ring or if you purchase a health insurance policy that you receive a promotional pill organizer as a gift.

The key to promotional advertising is to help a business along by creating more awareness of that business and insurance companies know best that the more frequently individuals see their name and business logo the more calls they will receive and the more policies they will underwrite. It is for this reason that insurance companies use promotional items so frequently throughout their business.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

No matter where you are heading or where you reside you have most likely seen millions of bumperstickers throughout your lifetime. Some are funny, some are thought provoking. Even still further some really get their point across. Even if you don't really care to pay attention to them you will most likely find yourself reading the bumperstickers on the vehicle in front of you while you are stuck in traffic or waiting at a traffic signal.

bumper-sticker Curiosity killed the cat and sometimes you will read one that really gets you thinking and wondering what that advertisement is really all about. Many times I have run home and typed in a website address or business name that I have seen on a bumpersticker, very simply because it is not clear what it is about and I really just wanted to know more.

This is what bumperstickers can do for your cause or company. They can offer a worldwide general exposure that makes people think. They will be in plain view and even those who maybe would have had no interest in your business will be drawn to learn more and even if they have never before had interest in your company it is likely that with the right catch phrase that they will be moved to find out more.

Bumperstickers can go a long way in helping to promote your business and can do so in a way that makes them affordable to every company everywhere. No matter what business you are in or what you are trying to promote you will find that bumperstickers are one sure fire way to gain additional attention for your business and the better your logo and slogan the more people that will probably take a closer look at your business. Lookers will become customers, if not now then in the future.


Monday, November 07, 2011

For those who have a reputable promotional products that they deal with regularly, they know that ordering can be a very simple process especially with the help of one of the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives that work at these companies. On the telephone these individuals will not only take you through the ordering process but they will also be able to help you figure out what you need including style, quantity, and imprint style. If you have your own logo, great. If you don’t, then don’t stress about it because they will either help you find a company that they associate with to help you design a print ready business logo or they will have an art department right on site that can help you to design not only the logo of your dreams but one that will help you attract business and one that is not easily duplicated by others. There are many aspects of logo design to consider.

sanitizer-hand Most companies find that ordering in bulk is by far the best way to go not only because it saves on shipping but also because it helps to ensure that they have all of the promotional goodies they need on hand in their business for any and all events that may arise during the year. Most also find that this backs them into a corner not only by helping them to establish a budget early on but also to begin thinking about the different advertising opportunities they will take advantage of during the coming months.

Business advertising opportunities, tradeshows, and community events all arise on a pretty regular basis. Having useful promotional items on hand for when the need arises is by far the best way to make sure that you make the most of your business advertising opportunities.

Promotional products companies offer many different services to their customers and you will very likely find that your promotional products company becomes more like a trusted friend in your business helping you to meet and exceed those advertising goals that you have set for yourself throughout the year. You will likely find useful advertising tips and customer reviews throughout their website as well. These dialogues can be most helpful when you are trying to create an advertising campaign that will work best for you.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Let’s face it. In the current economy it is likely that you will find that more business owners than ever before are taking their business advertising needs into their own hands. They can’t see spending a lot of money on business advertising and fancy marketing agents and while many think that this is foolish, honestly, it is a much more practical way to handle your small business’ advertising needs. After all, not only will this help to save you a lot of money but most business owners find that they get better results when they are calling the shots with their business advertising.

coasters Of course, this is not without concern because if you are a new or even an established business owner who knows nothing about business advertising it is best to look at some information through professional journals as well as through online resources to gather information and ideas. Doing so will not only spoon feed you some ideas but will also help you to generate new ones as well.

Resources that can be very helpful to a business owner looking to take on their own small business advertising for the very first time are not only the people around you including family, friends, business associates, and customers but even online chat rooms and promotional products companies can help you to gain a better perspective on your business’ advertising needs as well as what will work best for your current marketing goals. Marketing your own business on your terms and in accordance with your budget is truly the best way to go and this will allow you to make the most out of every dollar you spend.

At first it might seem a bit intimidating to take on your own business advertising but doing so can be very successful and in many ways can also be quite a bit of fun. Making the most of your business means thinking outside the box and doing it yourself just makes sense in the current economy.

You know your business and you know what aspects of it are its big sell points. Instead of wasting time relaying all this information to a high paid marketing executive why not consider jumping in with both feet. You will very likely find that this method of advertising not only proves a lot more cost effective but a lot more effective in general.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

These days schools are struggling to stay afloat financially and with less backing from the government than ever before and with the rising cost of everything more and more schools are having to make significant cutbacks in the areas of extra curricular and sports related activities. As a result most PTO representatives are trying to find new and better fundraising activities to help support the services that make sense for the students. Some schools are currently even using this method of income to support field trips and after school programs.

hoodie Whether you are a member of the parent teacher organization at your local school or not you have probably noticed that today more than ever students are coming home and trying to sell things and having car washes and bake sales to raise money. Of course, while these are all relatively successful fund raising methods they are also a bit challenging and wind up requiring a lot of legwork on behalf of both students and staff.

One way that many schools are now using to raise funds for their institutions is by selling promotional products; those incredible items designed in the school logo with the school colors on them and most find that this method works well in helping to raise the money that the schools need. Some have even gone further and allowed the school bookstore or cart where they sell a variety of food items, promotional pencils, pens, erasers, and even logo imprinted sportswear items.

Most schools find that this is a very successful method of promoting their school and their cause while raising a good deal of money. Logo imprinted items are school spirit items and therefore hosting a school sprit day or allowing those who are wearing a school shirt to attend the high school basketball game for free can be an excellent way to boost sales of these items throughout the school and most find that because these items can be purchased for such a low cost in bulk that they are easily marked up and sold for profit at a variety of different school events.

Having money troubles, especially when it comes to schools is no laughing matter. It is important to realize that while there are no easy answers one of the simplest ways to raise funds for your school is by selling those items that show school pride. These are the types of items that both students and parents like to spend money on and this can really work to your advantage when trying to raise money for your students.

Friday, October 14, 2011

If you are looking for the best ways to improve your business then you are probably beginning to think about the many ways in which you can use your community to draw in some new business and make some new contacts. When you look around, especially as the end of the year approaches you are likely to notice that there are a multitude of opportunities around your community to show your civic mindedness while at the same time promoting your business.

colored-pens Now one mistake that many business owners make is choosing to try and use community events as a way to plug their business but it is important to realize that these events are not similar to tradeshows, they are instead an opportunity for you to showcase your business in a different way, showing its community friendly side instead of its business side. Now this of course, doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t spend your money on things with your business name and logo on them. Since you won’t be spending much time at this event speaking about and plugging your business you will instead want to make sure that you are promoting your business in other ways such as to provide nice items to passersby that offer them a way to contact your business at some point in the future.

For instance, the time of year is such that many localities will be hosting community trick or treat and harvest events. At these events most local businesses show up and offer free items to both children and adults. Now items such as promotional pens, candies, toys, and toothbrushes make exciting give away items and also can do wonders to help promote your business.

No matter what type of business you are in there is nothing wrong with dressing your employees up in promotional clothing items and making a showing at some of the local community events that will be popping up all year round. Especially at the end of the year these are a great way to make others aware of your business and to also remind your regular customers of your presence in the community. When it comes to these events you would be silly to pass them by since they are usually free to participate in and you probably already have some logo-imprinted items that you could share. Why not take a chance on this method of promoting your business and watch your sales and traffic soar?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So many times new business owners are looking for ways to reduce their start up costs. They first write down everything that they think they want and need for their business but over time they give up on their dreams and begin using their budget as a reason to trim the fat. For some unknown reason many new business owners opt to cut back on the amount they were going to spend on the sign for their business or storefront and this is one place that a new business should be investing money not holding back.

balloons The key to operating a storefront is to make sure that everyone knows not only where you are located but what you are peddling from that location. It can be an easy way to cut back on expenses by reducing your signage but it is not wise if you really are hoping to get your business off the ground quickly. After all people can’t shop in a store that they can’t find.

Two signs are absolutely necessary for every business and they are the one on the building where your business is located and one in front as tall and large as is allowed in the center where your business is located. Using these two places to really show off your business name with a slight explanation and picture of your logo is by far the best way to invest in your business advertising, even if you need to reduce your grand opening advertising to do so.

Your sign will have to be at least two to three colors, be professionally designed and absolutely must be lit. Sure you can save quite a bit of money by creating signs without lights but don’t do it. You want to make sure that you have an advertisement that people can see all the time and a lit sign will really help your business stand out and get noticed during the late night and early morning hours. This is by far one of the ways in which a new business owner must invest in their business.

Business advertising is important for a new business as well but without a good sign pointing to your business and letting others know where it is, all the advertising in the world does you no good at all. Keep in mind that people have the best chance of finding your business and shopping there if they know where you are located and find it easily and this can be accomplished by investing some decent money in a sign that helps attract new business.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Starting up a business or trying to breathe new life into an existing one? Well for many this may seem like an overwhelming task but there are some things you should know about business advertising and these are that there are many tricks of the trade that can help you increase sales and business but don’t have to cost you a small fortune.

magnetic-pad For example, if you are looking to expand your business then you really need to get the word out. There are several innovative ways to do this that cost little to nothing out of pocket. Start with your mouth and the mouths of your friends, family, staff, and customers. Encourage others to talk up your business and you may even want to have some promotional magnets printed up for people to pass along to others as they talk up your business. You may think that this seems too forward when in fact most who are happy with you and your business will be more than happy to talk it up if they know you want and need them to. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this.

Using your office computer you can print up some nice looking flyers to have passed around and handed out to others. You may even want to ask local business owners to hang them up as well. Using flyers serves many benefits and is by far one of the cheapest ways to advertise for your business. You may even want to put a coupon or offer a freebie with the flyer to make it a bit more enticing.

Encourage sales and business by using promotional items. You can offer them as purchase incentives such as make a purchase over $100 and receive a free t-shirt. You will be surprised as to how many customers strive to get that t-shirt which not only makes an excellent gift item but also helps to increase your business advertising as well. A dual use item such as this will help to encourage sales and help to increase business as well.

By using your head, your mouth, your computer, and some incredible and inexpensive promotional products you will be amazed at how easy it is to encourage sales and increase your business. Business advertising doesn’t require a degree, just some good common sense and a knowledge about what motivates people. Improving your business is really all in your hands.

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